How can jobs find you

It is well known how technology is disrupting longevity of work and it has significant implications for all workers. It has been predicted that the youth of today will have many careers with multiple jobs.

The traditional full-time employee, they outsource their professional development, sense of security and financial stability to their employer. Imagine the shock and devastation when they get laid off.

The Gig economy is completely the opposite. It’s proactive, it simply provides you with the technical assistance to build your own history. The more you work with it the greater depth of history and possibly the greater your ratings become.

With a Gig economy you take control of your professional development, where and when you work. If your children are your focus, you can work around them. You keep your skills up to date, by understanding what your skills and experience gaps are and making yourself available to jobs that will help fill the gaps.

Assuming these figures concern you, how do you prepare yourself for this new world.

Let the technology that takes jobs away, be the same technology that guides you and helps prepare you so that new jobs get pushed to you?


Jobs will disappear by 2030 because of technology advances


B2B e-commerce Sales per year by 2020


Devices connected to the internet of things by 2020

The opportunity is immense, the stakes high.

You need to be available on an app that makes sure that you can be looking for your next opportunity and the next opportunity can be looking for you.
In the Gig economy everyone has the best possible opportunity to work. It puts people first, let’s people work where they want to, and when they want to.
It works because companies only pay for work when it is needed and when it is done. You only work when both you and the work is available.
Just like Uber it relies on “in the moment appraisals”, from both parties.

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If you don’t, supply your skills and proof of skills being gained, then how can jobs find you?

Upload your documents

If you have proof of work done, upload the documents. Ask your employer to push proof of jobs done by sending tasks performed.

If the company is also a club member of Growing Teams do nothing as we hold experience and skills gained on your own portable digital passport.

Get your skills validated

Proof of skill starts out as not validated. We have a team that reads your documents and provides proof of skill. Ks Club membership also pushes messages to your mobile device when certificates are running out.

Get included in the algorithm that get your skills validated so that you get a higher rating, improving your chances of having jobs pushed to you.

Keeping skills up to date

If companies you work with are also Club members, then every job you do, causes up to ten qualifications to be generated or amended with skills experience and number of times used. No HR department can do the same for you, it would take an army of HR Professionals.

Their job should be and today usually is more strategic and not so tactical.

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What is a career snapshot

This a simple online test where results are never seen as right or wrong. We use Thomas International, the difference between this and many other profile tests, is that it asks what you are not like, that helps with finding your career gaps. You can also request to use it to limit jobs recommended for you to exclude those that you might find tedious and not satisfying.

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People who work for five days so they can live for two on the weekend; that means that 70% of their life is meaningless. No one wants just 30% of the life to be enjoyable. What a waste if you are in the wrong job.

Les Hayman, one of our patrons said

You never know you may just be in the wrong career, let the algorithms, using job standards from USA and Australia, guide you and help you to move to a more fulfilling role.

In the moment Appraisals

Career options

Review your skills at any time and uncover gaps for preferred jobs you would like to have pushed to you.


Use the ratings section to rate the job. Supervisors use the same rating tool to rate you for “worked as expected” it is a simple click on NEXT. Low ratings force the supervisor to give you a clue, so that you can be coached to raise the rating to at least “worked as expected”

Remember if you don’t show up for the job after accepting it, this is where the supervisor gets to tag you as a “Did not show” and that becomes part of your history.